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Which Weighted Blanket should I get?

Which Weighted Blanket should I get?

A weighted blanket should be chosen based on your size and weight. Here is a guide to help you choose!


Your Size

Your age and size has a factor in what weighted blanket you should get. Weighted blankets must not be used with babies and toddlers as they pose a risk of suffocation. This is because they may struggle to move the blanket off themselves if they become trapped or too hot. Different sizes will require a different sized weighted blanket. As children are smaller, they will need one that covers them, an adult weighted blanket will drape over them which will make it difficult for them to move. This will increase the risk of creating breathing problems for your child. Equally, a child's weighted blanket would not be effective for adults as it is too light and designed to be smaller. 



Your Weight

The added weight of the blanket is intended to provide a calming effect giving the feeling of being held, hugged or cuddled. The weight chosen should be calculated as it needs to be effective but not risk suffocation. Here is a guide, provided by the NHS, that should help you:


The NHS advises that the maximum weight used must be no more than 10% of your child’s body weight. 

Your child must be supervised while under the blanket and must be able to remove the blanket or get free from the blanket themselves The blanket must not be used for longer than 20 minutes to avoid suffocation. Keep your child’s head and neck uncovered as well, for health and safety issues. 

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