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If you have changed your mind or are not completely satisfied with an item purchased online at Sensorii, you can return it to us within thirty (30) days of receipt of item(s).

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Our Products

We add in the description if the product is made from medical grade materials or food grade plastic. We make sure to add in the product description if it is safe for children to chew on or play with. If you feel that a product we sell is not safe please email us at:

Thank you!

We have a page for what our Senses mean, check it out!

The crash pad is ideal for your child’s safety and just for fun! Our crash pads are made with a high-density foam so your child will not hurt themselves if jumping on here from a certain distance. Check out more about our Crash Pad.

Email us at:


Weighted blankets have grown in popularity so we offer a range of choices.

We believe the best weighted blanket depends on the weight of the person using it as the blanket weight should be proportioned to them.

To choose the right blanket for you, our advise is choosing one that's roughly 10 percent of your body weight, then add on 1-2 kg (depending how much heavier you want it).


Child weighs: 22.9kg (50.5lbs)

22.9kg x 0.10= 2.29kg

2.29kg + 2kg = 4.5kg child's blanket

Adults weighs: 67.9kg

67.9kg x 0.10= 6.79kg

6.79kg +2kg = 8kg adult's blanket

Weighted blankets use pressure to help calm your body. The pressure from a weighted blanket feels like you are being hugged so makes your body immediately calm down. This a great item to have in your home for yourself or your child.

In our descriptions for each weighted blanket you can see whether they are machine washable or not.  Need more help, email us at:

No, if you are buying a weighted blanket for your child it should be supervised by an adult at all times.

However, i you are buying it for a young adult or and adult they should be fine to use all night.

This is really up to you as some children may already have breathing problems like asthma, etc. So the blanket can make it difficult to breathe so should only be used for 1-2 hours.

Our weighted vests have two sizes, both are for children. The small vest can be worn for children at the ages 2-5. Children over the ages of 10+ can wear the large one. If you are still unsure email us at:

Our weighted vests are like a compressed hug whilst on the move or just staying at home, etc. These vests will act as a hug and should help your child become calm.

We suggest to wear the weighted vest for no longer than 1-2 hours.

Yes! These weighted vests are safe and are great for children when using our suggestions. If your are still unsure or just want to ask more questions about the weighted vests just email us at:


Yes. All our prices include VAT.


We use 4mm thick Optical Grade Acrylic – 4 times stronger than glass.

Our Ultima Screen Protectors use 2 Velcro straps which wrap around the rear of the TV.

Just measure the width and height (not including stand) of your TV. If you would like someone from our team to recommend a size, just email us at:

You can use water and a little bit of washing up liquid. We would also suggest wiping the screen protector first with a cloth to get any dust off (a microfiber one works really well!) and then going in with the washing up liquid and water.