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About Us

From the beginning, we have wanted to sell toys as well as products that support you. We decided to sell toys that my children and I have grown up with because we know how much joy they brought us. 

Our toys and products are designed to make your life more simple. We wanted to make the website fun and colourful so that you, your child and whoever else can enjoy and be excited about buying from us. With each product we have given a description that tells you how the product can be used and how it can help. We have also included an Sense icon on each product. This is too make it easier for you to shop and identify which category each product is in. 

We want to keep your family safe and happy, which is why we are partnered with TheScreenProtector. They have many clients who have had problems with broken TVs. They are planning on creating a new TV Screen Protector just for our website which will add more support and protection for your tv screens. 

In the future we plan on expanding our product range, creating new products that make tasks such as bath time and going to school fun. We want to grow our customer base and connect with you and learn your story so that we can suggest products or start selling products you would to see. As well, we would like to explore other disorders, illnesses and diseases and sell products that help them, making their lives easier.