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Ultra TV Screen Protector

Sensorii's Ultra TV Screen Protector is the best TV Screen Protector on the market.  With a wide selection, you can choose the perfect size for your TV. Protect your TV from accidental damage. Perfect for families with children who often throw items. Autistic children sometimes express their emotions through aggressive behaviour. They might hit, kick or throw objects. As a result TV's can be broken, our screen protector can prevent damage and cost less than a new TV.


Sleek Design

With the clear and stylish design, the Screen Protector maintains the gorgeous look of your TV. Made from clear acrylic, the Screen Protector will blend into your TV

Brace for impact

Designed to absorb impact from larger toys, remote controls and more. Enjoy watching TV and feel secure in knowing your TV is safe from accidental damage

easy to install

Install in just 1 minute! Comes ready to attach to your flat-screen TV with strap that attach at the rear. As well as, extra-large spacers to maintain constant airflow and prevent overheating.

stronger than glass

30x stronger than glass, the Screen Protector is made from an extremely strong, double thickness, optical-grade acrylic (twice as thick as other Screen Protectors).